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You're tired of being out of shape, feeling old, and looking fat.  You've joined gyms before, but you stopped going.  Why?  Because going to the gym didn't get you results.  Here's the dirty little secret about the fitness industry -- all those expensive machines are designed to mimic various body movements.  But why simply mimic them when you can do the real thing!  You'll get great results, much fasters, and for a LOT less money.  And you can do it in the privacy of your own home with the best home workout dvd.


Is the answer you've been looking for.  You'll receive instruction from the top trainers in the business.  Witha a home workout dvd, you can exercise on your schedule, not someone else's.  And you don't need fancy equipment or a lot of space.  If you have an area approximately 4 feet by 6 feet, you have plenty of room.  You can do it in your garage or bedroom.  Or push away the coffee table and do it in your living room.  Get the best physique of your lifetime for a fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere.  Get the body you've always wanted to have.  You no longer have an excuse!  


Beachbody offers a wide variety of exercise videos, for every age and fitness level.  Some focus on cardio.  Others on strength building.  Some concentrate on Yoga, while others teach kickboxing.  And some programs offer you a wide variety of training, so that you can attack your muscles from all angles.  There's so much variety, you'll never grow bored.  


Are the ones that best fit your own style and personality.  At, we've divided our fitness catalogue into three main groups:

Tone Up - for beginers and people who want to take it slow.  There's no shame here.  Good for you for starting!

Lose Fat & Build Muscle - For people who are more familiar with working out.  These are more advanced programs, and you'll can see major results in only 60 - 90 days.

Improve Athletic Performance - Serious cardio workouts for those who want to be star athletes.  You'll greatly improve foot speed, vertical jumps, and plyometric movements.  


All of these programs are sold exclusively by Beachbody.  Dive in, and we'll find the best workout program for you.  All programs come with money back guarantees.   Purchasing through this website means you are buying through an authorized Beachbody Coach.







"Can you believe there wasn't a line for this at my gym?"

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"I feel as if I'm a better mom and a better person! . . . Losing the weight and feeling good about the way I look has boosted my confidence and my personality and I feel like I'm alive again."

- Victoria, 24